Luca Marseglia Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate in Physics at Quantum Engineering Group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)

Postdoctoral Fellow in Physics at Institute for Quantum Optics at Ulm University Germany 2013
Ph.D. at Centre for Quantum Photonics U.K. 2011
M.Sc. in Physics at Federico II University Italy 2005
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Diamond Integrated Technology - (DITECH)

My research is focused on creating integrated structures in diamond to couple to the light emitted from colour centres, with the aim of building new devices for the quantum era.
Colour centres in diamond arise from the replacement of a carbon atom in the diamond lattice with another element in the periodic table. While these defects are quite stable in the diamond bandgap, it is possible to excite them to a higher energy state by applying external light from which they will eventually relax by emitting a single photon, making them a very promising candidate for Single Photon Source (SPS) applications

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Quantum Engineering Group
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